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The limited-liability company C+C servis, s.r.o was established on 21st June 2006 as a strictly Czech firm which, linking to its former activities in the drinks industry, specializes in two basic divisions and one additional division given by the historical development of the firm C+C servis, s.r.o. in the following:

For this purpose, the firm C+C servis, s.r.o cooperates via contracts or on the basis of exclusive representation with reputable foreign and domestic partners to satisfy the marketing and qualitative requirements of this branch.

From the basic idea based on the complexity of the offer in the drinks industry the separate branch of the collapsible plate heat exchangers detaches in the course of time while C+C, representing the direct producer of the sets of OEM sealing and in cooperation with other partners, ensures comprehensive services starting with deliveries of all components (original ones or non-original in case of need) – especially sealing sets – up to the “turn-key” service – see ref. „collapsible plate heat exchangers“.

This independent division has created and is still expanding its network of satisfied customers not only in the drinks industry but also in other branches of industry e.g.: dairy, chemicals, heating plants, pharmaceuticals, PRODUCTION OF plastic, etc.

The structure of the firm C+C servis, s.r.o. enables HIGH FLEXIBILITY supported by the know-how acquired from long-standing experience, and its motivated personnel is a guarantee of provision of services at both high professional and marketing levels.

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