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Division of conveyors and modular belts

Since 1st September 2007, C+C servis, s.r.o has been cooperating with a producer of roller chains and lamellar conveyors, Regina Catene Calibrate, and together with domestic partners this firm ensures complex deliveries in the form of “turn-key” projects of complete conveyors or their spare parts.

For the purpose of maximum possible flexibility and according to customer requirements, standard components are kept in the warehouse in České Budějovice.

Along with technological innovations in the branch – in particular, Kevlar lamellar belts – the firm C+C servis, s.r.o. is able to keep its long-standing customers and acquire numerous new ones thanks to superior quality and exceptional terms of deliveries, and low prices.

Kevlar conveyors for applications of PET, new glass or cans represent a revolutionary innovation, and since about 1998, this technology has replaced not only standard materials such as Acetal and Delrin (LW, LF , UP, etc), but also stainless materials for some applications all over the world. For the firm Regina Catene Calibrate, Kevlar conveyors are produced by the firm Dupont and are patent protected.

The advantages of these conveyors are in particular as follows:

- Elimination of lubrication or total removal of any greasing in case of need (including dry lubrication)
- Significantly lower friction coefficient (up to 45%) compared to LW and LF, lower demand for drives, energy savings, etc.
- Substantially longer service life
- Quieter operation
- Elimination of dustiness
- Better chemical and mechanical properties compared to common materials
- Compatibility with conveyors made of different materials (option of connection to each other) – no need to change wheels, electrical wiring, etc.
- Acceptable price

Stainless lamellar conveyors are in particular highly resistant to mechanical wear, such as typical „extension” of conveyors leading to excessive abrasion of pins.. This qualitative factor directly related to the service life of the conveyor is resolved by Regina as follows:

- Besides magnetic chains, there are pins used in each conveyor as standard. These pins are made of austenitic steel with a hardness of approx 43-46 Rcw
- The PHD series are equipped with pins made of Martensitic steel with a hardness up to 53 Rcw. This advanced and unique technology is used only by Regina and ensures maximum possible abrasion resistance, thereby markedly extending the lamellar conveyor service life.

Modular belts are characterized by minor improvements starting with their belt contact surface compactness with the product transported, elimination of built-up radius on the wheel, easy replacement of pins, long service life, etc. Another innovation is the curved modular belt with the bearing or pins to prevent side movement of the belt during transition of the transported product „across the corner” (below 90°). Some modular belts are available made from Kevlar.

Other issues technologically handled in this branch are „finger” conveyors with a gradual scale of stiffness (instant pressure on the transported product) or on the contrary, precision of the print, to avoid its deformation.

These and other „minor issues“ classify Regina as a top producer of roller and lamellar chains in this branch, the customers of which are among others such clients as Tetrapack and KHS.


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